The road disappears around Marmaris and goes through İçmeler into the mountains covered with pine trees …

The unspoiled beauty of Bozburun Marmaris in the southwest corner of Turkey after the crowd allows you to breathe. The peninsula, which has a small population, is home to twenty thousand residents. Bozburun, the administrative center of the region, is famous for its traditional gulet manufacturing. Sheltered bays and bays host boats during the winter months, boats are put ashore for repair and maintenance and rely on wooden supports. In the summer, various boats can be seen anchored or tied in front of the harbor along the entire peninsula.

The upper half of the peninsula is mountainous and wooded with steep slopes rising from sheltered bays. To the south, the forest turns into a barren, rocky terrain. It is full of ruins, half of which are buried under the soil, half of which are hidden castles that guard hidden valleys and secluded harbors.

Secluded and difficult to reach, this peninsula is ideal for hikers who want to explore. Where there are no roads, old roads and paths have been cleared to reach every scenic spot overlooking the Greek islands Symi and Rhodes across the sea.

The route crosses a wide range of terraces from all corners, offering fascinating views and views. There are many traditional villages that provide livelihoods on rough terrain and coastal towns that meet the needs of tourism.